Unique online nutrition training

Get skills in compiling your unique food intake


After completing the training, you will gain the skills to control your weight

Best Diet

A balanced diet that suits you and is composed by you

Stop looking

No longer need to look for a diet that suits you. Only you know your metabolism


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Who is it for?

A course for people who want to gain skills in controlling their weight. For those who are both familiar with the basics of dietetics and for those who care about the outcome, not the theoretical basis. For those who tried different diets kept records on calories and PCF but did not receive the desired result, as well as for those who try to take control of their weight for the first time.

How does the course go?

We define the task. What weight do you want to have?

We determine the starting point. Your weight, sex, age, lifestyle, etc.

After that, our nutritionist will analyze your usual diet according to the following criteria.

  • Eating habits
  • Calorie content
  • PCF
  • Micronutrients
  • Glycemic index of products

The nutritionist will make small adjustments to your usual diet for the test. After that, it will be possible to determine your individual norm, determine products and dishes for your individual food plan, which will be comfortable for you and help you achieve the desired result.

A nutritionist will accompany and adjust your diet during the course, help you overcome the plateau effect, conduct analytics of your progress, and also help you not only achieve the desired weight, but also make the desired weight the norm.


The main goal of the course is to give reliable nutrition skills that fit you.


The course takes place online. Only you decide which foods and dishes to choose. Personal consultations and individual approach.

What do you need for the course?

  • Smartphone
  • Kitchen scales
  • Floor scales

Minimum Theory

Only the most necessary knowledge. Our training is aimed at building sustainable skills


Experienced nutritionists will advise and guide you throughout the training


Say no to things that don't work

Standard diets work, but not for everyone

Few manage to maintain the weight reduced as a result of diets, and only some have dropped as much as they wanted. But almost everyone then regains extra kilograms.

Pills are useless

The use of tablets is ineffective.

Moreover, in some cases they are dangerous.


Provides short-term only result and painful process.

It is a painful process and usually leads to a short-term result.

How does it work?

Why do we have a result?

Our training is not based on ready-made diets, but on making changes to your diet. Personal consultation will help to systematically adjust the diet based on the list of your favorite dishes and products.

After completing the training, you yourself will be able to effectively adjust your diet and weight without assistance.


How much does participation cost?

Tariff: Standard

  • Personal consultations of the nutritionist
  • Individual approach to each
  • Online Training Format
  • Making a diet from your favorite dishes

150 $

* Didn't like the training? Full refund within three days!


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